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Greetings from the city of Rochester, NY. Obviously, my name is Dave.  I have always had an interest in road and bridge design and construction; and this site leans in that direction.  You will also find some information on Rochester and Erie Canal history.

I have done road photography for years; but now working to expand that interest into other subjects...wildlife, architecture, whatever.  Check out my photo links below.

I have also added a section of Sports Lists chronicling past championship winners in the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA, NHL, and more.

Most of the pictures on this site were taken with a Kodak DC215-zoom digital camera or a Canon Powershot A570.  However I now have a Canon SX500 IS.  Over time I hope to re-photograph things and replace lower quality photos on this site.  Feel free to use any of these pics for yourself, I only ask for a credit, or a link to my web site.

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Check Out Rochester

A Brief History

Some Business and Notable Connections

Around Rochester (pics from specific areas around Rochester)

List of Local School Districts and Specialized Schools

Our Former Rochester/Toronto Fast Ferry

The Erie Canal
(history and bridge photos)

My Roadgeek Pages
Construction Projects:

Rochester's Inner Loop project (external link)

I-590/Winton Rd. Diverging Diamond (external link)  
390/490/Lyell Avenue Interchange Reconstruction  
I-390/NY-15 & 15A/Kendrick Road Interchange Reconstruction  



Other Pages:

Bridges Of Rochester

Airport Roads Tunnels

Rochester Freeways Other Road/Bridge Links
The famous 'Can Of Worms'
Miscellaneous Pics 1 Miscellaneous Pics 2
Miscellaneous Pics 3


My Photo Pages


My flickr page is road pics; signs, signals, bridges, etc.  My 500px page are my favorite pics (quality wise).  Viewbug is a photo site where you can submit your pics for peer recognition awards and enter photo contests.  My other photo pages are more for fun.  Some pics repeat, others appear on only one page.

Sports Lists

NFL Super Bowl Winners NCAA Men's Basketball Champions
MLB World Series Winners Indianapolis 500 Winners
NHL Stanley Cup Winners Daytona 500 Winners
NBA Champions Soccer World Cup Winners
The Masters Golf Tournament  

Other Favorite Links

Click here to check out some of my other favorite links


Northeast Roads


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